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Virginia Veterinary Centers

Emergency Visits

Mobile check-in is available at VVC Fredericksburg for emergency visits.

Check-in from the comfort of your home.

Emergency Visit? Mobile Check-in now available for VVC Fredericksburg! Check-in from the comfort of your home.

Emergency Check-In

Clients are now being instructed to check in and complete registration and consent forms from their mobile phones.

This check-in and registration method allows us to ensure that our patients needing the most urgent care are prioritized and that patients with less critical needs can wait with their owner from the car or their home for convenience and comfort.

Emergency Check-in

Once in our virtual queue via check-in, we can keep pet owners up-to-date through automated SMS updates, phone calls, and two-way texting capabilities.

To join the queue and get registered, text “FRED” to 888-231-1094.

If your pet is in critical condition, please call us at (540) 372-3470.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make one reservation for multiple pets?

No. If more than one pet needs to be seen, please fill out the check-in form separately for each pet.

What if I decide I no longer want/need to have my pet seen?

Reply "9" to cancel your check-in spot or call the hospital and let us know so we can remove your pet from our waiting queue.

What happens if I come to the hospital without checking in first?

If you have not checked in online ahead of time, you can check in on arrival. Depending on the condition of your pet, we will either have a technician triage them to see if they need to be seen right away, or if they are stable we may ask you to wait until it is your pet's turn to be seen.