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Virginia Veterinary Centers

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Urgent Care


1301 Central Park Boulevard Fredericksburg, VA 22401

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P: (540) 372-3470

Urgent Care Check-In


2460 Colony Crossing Place, Midlothian, VA 23112

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P: (804) 744-9800

Urgent Care Check-In


Virginia Veterinary Centers is pleased to offer Urgent Care at VVC Midlothian & VVC Fredericksburg!

Virginia Veterinary Centers offers convenient hours for companion animals needing to see a veterinarian after normal office hours but not requiring a visit to the emergency room. While we are a team of skilled medical professionals who will work together to direct you & your pet to the appropriate service, noting certain symptoms will help our team determine the best care choice for your pet.

Typical conditions seen by urgent care:

  • Eyes: swelling, discharge, redness

  • Nose: running, crusting, discharge

  • Ears: discharge, debris, odor, twitching, scratching, shaking

  • Coughing or sneezing

  • Vomiting (minor or occasional)

  • Diarrhea

  • Straining to have a bowel movement

  • Change in urine color, frequency, or amount

  • Change in amount of food or water intake

  • Lameness/limping

  • Lumps

  • Recent ingestion of minor foreign material or toxin (if showing no clinical signs)

  • Change in behavior (depression, anxiety, sleepiness)

  • Evidence of worms, or fleas

  • Wounds or bite marks (minor)

  • Facial swelling, licking, or scratching


How do I know if my pet should see the Urgent Care service?

Our experienced Urgent Care clinician is highly qualified to provide out-patient care for companion animals that need to be treated right away but are not emergencies. Our convenient Urgent Care hours will provide owners peace of mind, rather than having to worry about their pet’s condition through the night when your veterinarian may not be able to see them.

What if I’m unsure of what service to ask for?

The good news is that the VVC’s Urgent Care Service and Emergency Service operate within the same conveniently located, state-of-the-art facility! Our team of skilled medical professionals will work together to help ensure your pet receives the appropriate level of care.  Important – A patient seen by Urgent Care requiring emergency care will be transferred immediately to the Emergency Service.