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Virginia Veterinary Centers

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Our on-site anesthesia service ensures the highest standard of veterinary anesthetic care is applied to every procedure and that appropriate avenues of pain management are addressed.

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Our board-certified anesthesiologist works closely with our other specialists to make sure each patient has a sedation or anesthesia plan that is as safe as possible. Our team provides excellent perioperative care to make sure patients are comfortable and relaxed throughout their entire hospital stay.

Throughout the entire anesthetic event, each patient will have their vital signs monitored, including heart rate, blood pressure, respirations, electrocardiogram (ECG), pulse oximetry, capnography, and continuous temperature monitoring until their procedure is finished, the pet is awake and resting comfortably. We work alongside each of the specialty services to provide the best care for all types of pets.

Our Anesthesia and Pain Management Services include:

  • Pain management pre, post, and intraoperatively

  • Chronic and acute pain management

  • Critical case management during anesthesia

  • Consultation services with veterinarians and pet owners

  • Local/Regional Anesthesia

  • Provide support and training opportunities for technicians